Lidingö Arena Hotels and B & Bs

Lidingö Arena Hotel is a newly renovated privately owned hotel of 28 rooms. The owners who run The movement from 1996 is the moon to make your stay in the hotel so comfortable, nice and affordable as possible.

The following information providing you with facts about our rooms, terms and conditions and will help you choose the right room with the right price .

Where are we: The hotel situated on the border to central Stockholm on beautiful Lidingö with wild forests, slalom hill, golf clubs, beaches and cultivated seaside resorts. Lidingö shopping mall food several shops cafe, bar and restaurant are 300 meters from the hotel. One of Stockholm's most visited attractions - Milles farm lies in 5 minutes walking distance.

Come to us: The journey with Municipal transport (runs 24/7) from the City terminal takes 15-25 minutes depending on waiting time. Car from Norrtull (from E-4 to central Stockholm) takes 3-4 min. Värtahamnen with all boats to Finland Baltic and Russia is nearby. The distance from T-Central is 5 km. The distance from Arlanda Airport - 43 km and takes 35-40 min by car.

Rums categories and facilities:

The hotel's rooms are divided into two categories : Standard and B & B.

Category 1 - Standard hotel room with bathroom, for 1 to 4 pers. with varying sizes from 9 to 40 sqm. A few Guestrooms have kitchenettes with refrigerators. All rooms in categories equipped with beds with box spring.

Category 2 - B & B Economy hotel room for 1 to 6 pers. with varying sizes from 9 to 16 sqm. has private bathroom in the corridor very close to the room. The B & B room has beds with the backbone. Some beds have wooden curtains and foam mattresses.

Reception is open fr. 8 to 12 and from 15 to 23:00. Make a request and get a simple one instruction to check in when the reception is unmanned

Breakfast: We serve Breakfast buffet between 6:30 to 9:00 on weekdays and 8:00 to 10:30 in the weekend. Do you want to go to breakfast sooner or later - ask the staff.

Parking: You will have the opportunity to park in Lidingö Arena QuickPark Garage for 40 kr per day. You pay yourself in payment terminal located in the garage. Ask the staff about the passcode in before or on arrival. There is also the opportunity to park congratulations the street at the hotel from 18:00 to 8:00 the next day. During the weekend and At night you can park for free on the street all day or on a parking like is located on the hotel's farm and is accessible via the "Circle K" petrol station is in the same building.

TV and internet: All rooms Located on the street side are wooden windows that take away most of the time of the noise. All rooms are equipped with flat screen TV that offers 10 TV channels: svt1, svt2, tv3, tv, tv5, tv6, children's channel, Discovery, TV 9, TV11. Standard room has "Smart TV", so the guest connects it on its Netflix account or other platforms. WiFi is available everywhere at the hotel.

Municipal transport: You can buy simple travel tickets for municipal transport at the reception.

Food and drink: Gestures have access to a common kitchen for easy cooking and a dining area. You have possibility to buy soft drinks, coffee and tea and light snacks in the lobby. We invite you coffee and cakes and tea after 17:00

Gym and Leisure Activities: You have access to the "Nordic Wellness" gym located in the house. You receive 5 days in a row for one year free entrance to the gym.   Do you stay with us? often or over 5 daughters - we offer training cards. The area is open cultivated bathing areas, open poles, swimming pool with sauna, sports facilities, bike and runways, nature reserve with forests and lakes.

Bill and bike: You can rent a car at Hertz (50 meters distance) and at CircleK gas station (50 meters distance). You can rent a bicycle at City bikes rental (100 m distance). More Bicycle rental information at

You are cordially welcome and our staff will help you experience and indulge in Stockholm and Lidingö in the best way